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Slam down blocks to create a path to guide your minion to the summoning portal at the top, but mind the hazards!

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The Project

Minions 4 Less: Full Service (killzone style), LLC. (working title) was developed by a team of 6 over the span of 4 months as a game design capstone project at the University of Central Florida. The class was assigned to develop a game around the theme "summon". As a team, we interpreted this as a budget business that supplies cheap minion labor with a catch; you as the summoner have to create a path for the minion at the bottom of the pit to reach the summoning portal at the top with the added challenge of avoiding traps and collecting power ups. Our goal was to make an arcade style game with simple mechanics and short compelling play sessions. By combing two iconic mechanics, Tetris style block placing and simple platforming, we managed to stumble on something unique and fun! We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed developing Minions 4 Less: Full Service (killzone style), LLC. (working title).

The Team

The Ghost Party team consist of:

Patricio Delgado: Creative Director, Lead Programmer, Rigging & Animation

Jarrett Rhodes: Producer, Environment Design, 3D Art, UI

Gabe Avila: Art Lead, Character Design

Jose Marrero: Rigging & Animating, 3D Art

Angela Rouse: Environmental Art, 2D Art

Yani Flores: 3D Art


Build Mode:

Move Block

Game pad - Left Analog

Keyboard - WASD

Rotate Block

Game pad - Right Analog, LT/RT

Keyboard - Arrow Keys, C/V

Drop/Place block

Game pad - Left Analog, A/B

Keyboard - Left CTRL

Rotate Camera

Game pad - Bumpers

Keyboard - Q/E

Toggle Mode - switch from building mode to platforming mode

Game pad - X

Keyboard - F

Return to Main Menu

Game pad - Start

Keyboard - R

Platforming Mode:


Game pad - Left Analog

Keyboard - W, A, S, D


Game pad - A

Keyboard - Space Bar

Toggle Mode - switch from platforming mode to build mode

Game pad - X

Keyboard - F

Restart - Start from beginning/ retry

Game pad - Start

Keyboard - R


M4L.zip 54 MB


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Just a short first look at Minions 4 Less. If, you like the game give a shout out to the devs and download to try for yourselves.

Thanks for checking it out <3

I think I'll switch the controls to 8 directions instead of 4 lol


Np, it's a neat game. Good idea and funny vocal queues.

If this game was a food it'd be an 8 piece mcnugget meal but you open it up and there's 9 pieces. It's that good.